Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry and Smile Makeovers

Young newly wed couple with great smile from cosmetic dentistry services.Everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile that he or she can feel proud of. Being self-conscious about the way our teeth look can make us feel embarrassed, uncomfortable around other people, or even impact our professional lives.

Thankfully, Preferred Dental Care can help to change all of that. Our team of dentists and on-site dental lab allow us to provide you with efficient cosmetic and smile makeover treatments in as few visits as possible.

Some of the cosmetic dentistry that we offer in our Douglaston office includes:

Family smiling for the camera.Which one is right for you? If you don’t know – that’s ok too! Our dentists will sit with you to discuss which aspects of your smile you want to improve. Get your own customized smile makeover plan today at Preferred Dental Care. A perfect smile is just one phone call away!