Simple and Surgical Tooth Extraction

Dentist holding dental forceps and smiling used for a tooth extractionRemoving problem teeth can help you eliminate pain and enjoy a healthier smile. While we always do our best to help you save your natural teeth, it is sometimes necessary to have diseased teeth removed. Some examples of when we recommend extractions include:

Your Comfort Comes First

We work hard to ensure your complete comfort throughout the entire dental extraction. Some extractions are simple while others require more complex surgery. The area around your tooth will be completely numbed, in order to prevent you from feeling anything.

Tooth Replacement

Dentist with masking preparing to do tooth extraction on a patientDepending on which tooth is being removed, it may be necessary to replace the tooth soon after the extraction. Why? Because open spaces in your mouth can allow the other teeth to drift out of place. Ask about our dental implants, bridges, or denture options that are available.

Don’t wait for your tooth to harm the ones next to it – call Preferred Dental Care today for gentle extractions from trusted expert dentists.