Dental Fillings

Tooth Colored Fillings Keep You Smiling

Dental fillings close up of how it's done.What if you could replace your old, unsightly metal dental filling with beautiful tooth colored restorations? At Preferred Dental Care you can! Our composite dental fillings give you the chance to enjoy:

  • Tooth colored restorations
  • Smaller, less invasive fillings
  • Beautiful aesthetic results

Functional and Beautiful

Fillings are designed to preserve your tooth where it has been damaged by cavities or trauma. But your filling should also look good! That’s why our Douglaston dental office offers high quality tooth colored fillings that last for years.

Do I Need a Filling?

How do you know whether or not you need a filling? Symptoms of tooth decay often include food packing between your teeth, rough edges that you can feel with your tongue, or sensitivity to sweets.

Gentleman receiving dental fillings.If you suspect that you have a cavity, stop by our office today or tomorrow to have the tooth checked. We will take a digital x-ray to see how deep the lesion is (if there is one at all) and discuss our findings with you!

Don’t wait – putting a filling off may lead to needing a crown later on. Call us today!