Sedation Dentistry

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Lady wearing sedation nosepiece, getting laughing gas as a option for sedation dentistry.Nitrous oxide is a safe and easy way to enjoy a more relaxed dental care experience. Not only is nitrous perfect for all ages, it’s quickly reversible and allows you to go about your regular day as soon as your visit is over.

Very few contraindications exist for nitrous, so be sure to review your medical history with us before beginning any type of dental work.

Dental Laughing Gas

With nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) you begin to feel a warm, tingly sensation from head to toe just a few minutes after the gas is started. Breath in slowly and deeply through a soft nosepiece for quick results. Once your visit is over, we will turn the oxygen back up to 100% and you will feel completely normal in about 5 minutes.

Woman asleep after dental procedure and sedation.We use nitrous oxide in conjunction with local anesthesia for more involved procedures, but laughing gas can also be used on its own when appropriate. Feel free to request it at any time during your visit with us!

Consider sedation as an option if you need your wisdom teeth extracted.

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