Dental Bridges

Replace Missing Teeth with a Custom Dental Bridge

Photo of dental bridges set.Are you missing a tooth? Two teeth? Then our dental bridges are the best way to enjoy a full smile again without compromising aesthetics.

What Are Bridges?

Bridges are fixed restorations that replace missing teeth. They are basically false crowns that are fused between two functional crowns. Each end is anchored onto a healthy tooth, allowing the restoration to “bridge” across the area where the tooth is missing.

Same Day Dental Bridges

Manufacturing of a dental artificial limb.In a regular dental office, patients have to wait up to two weeks to complete their dental bridge treatment. At Preferred Dental Care, our extensive team of expert dentists and lab technicians allow us to provide dental bridges much quicker without compromising their quality.


Do you have questions about the bridge process, or whether or not bridges are the right option for you? Call Preferred Dental Care in Douglaston today to schedule your same day visit with one of our dentists.