Oral Pathology

Screening for Cancer and Oral Pathology

Dental mirror use for examining back side of teeth in oral pathology examOral cancer and diseases may cause serious harm to you or to others that you love. At Preferred Dental Care, our doctors complete oral cancer screenings on each and every patient. This allows us to identify abnormal tissues as early as possible, providing you with the best possible treatment outcome.

What Does Oral Cancer Look Like?

Cancerous oral tissues typically resemble mucosa that is:

  • Red
  • White
  • Patchy
  • Raised
  • Indented
  • Like a sore that has not healed

If necessary we will recommend a biopsy of the suspicious tissue in order to confirm any cellular changes that it is experiencing.

You Don’t Have to be a Smoker to Get Oral Cancer

Dentists consulting on patient's teeth during oral pathology exam.Oral cancer can be caused by anything from viruses to sun exposure. Even people without risk factors may find that they develop oral cancer at some point in their life. That’s why we take the screening process very seriously, monitoring every change as closely as possible.

Have you ever had an oral cancer screening? If you don’t know or it’s been longer than 6 months, it’s time to call Preferred Dental Care in Douglaston today.