What’s Wrong With My Dentures?

iStock_000006319461_SmallHave you ever had problems with your denture or partial denture? If your denture is uncomfortable, rocks out of place or broken – it can make wearing your prosthesis extremely uncomfortable.

A Loose Fit

Loose, wobbly dentures are usually an indication that your bone has changed and the denture no looverweightcare.com 4giptv.com inflatable boat 4giptv.com geox sito ufficiale denturaix.com containerrestaurante.com.br smith and soul fishing kayak maglioni cashmere uomo relaxdays gmbh mumbaiescorts69 tongkhonoithatnhapkhau abrardiagnostics usa2gocarwash.com nger fits properly. Your denture may need to be relined, adjusted, or simply replaced for a new one that fits correctly.

Broken or Cracked Dentures

Depending on how badly your denture is cracked or broken, it may be possible to repair it. Some common examples include cracked plates, broken and chipped teeth, or broken clasps. Bring your denture and the broken pieces with you to our office.

Sore Spots Under Your Denture

When you wear your denture, do you develop sore spots underneath? Are some of these areas raw or painful? It could be that the fit of the denture or changes in your bone anatomy have caused the prosthesis to rest in an uneven position across the jaw. Having the denture adjusted can prevent more sore spots from developing – reducing your risk of infection.

Making of dental prostesisAt Preferred Dental Care of Douglaston, our on side dental lab and denture specialists can help you smile again. By having all of the necessary equipment and staff on site, you can enjoy repaired or new dentures in just one trip to our office. Call us today!