Where to Eat in Queens

When it comes to eateries in Queens, there is no shortage of variety! Give one or more of the places listed here a try. Your visit to Queens will borse la milanesa danro abrardiagnostics.com.pk harmont blaine overweightcare smith and soul inflatable boat stivali blundstone paddle board paddle board wwcfw paddle board sac a dos eastpak lakshyaved eastpak padded pakr be enhanced with the memory of the unforgettable plates you sampled and the atmospheres you encountered.

Bruno’s Ristorante

For some high-quality and fast Italian food, give Bruno’s Ristorante a fair try. The brick oven pizza is a knock-out, and so many folks love the family atmosphere you’ll find here. The environment is highly conducive to enjoying conversation!


Is this Greek to you? Avli is THE place to go in Queens if Greek food sounds good to you. The pork doner gyro at Avli is a very popular choice. Indoor and outdoor dining is available!

Casa Asia

Casa Asia offers a beautiful atmosphere for dining in but provides a takeout option, as well. The menu here varies among Japanese, Chinese, and Thai cuisines, giving you a lot more options to choose from.

Rincon Criollo

This little Cuban joint is famous for its authentic Hispanic fare. Besides some traditional Cuban dishes featuring steak, rice, and beans, the desserts are amazing! For a real treat, try tres leches or their famous flan.

The Lemon Ice King of Corona

What if you just want a cold sweet treat? Stop by The Lemon Ice King of Corona located just a block away from the Queens Zoo. No, this isn’t ice cream, but actual flavored dairy-free ice. It’s a quick and cheap sugar fix and the ice is ground so smooth, you get to savor every bit of the flavor.

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